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April 27, 2024 GPUT Nominating Convention

Salt Lake City Public Library

210 EAst 400 South, SLC 84111


Meeting Notes and Elections Results



Meet up and “Friendraiser”

A slide show was displayed throughout the time, which included  videos of the presidential candidates, Green Party trivia and reasons to join the Green Party.


Tom King, Dee Taylor, Adam Guymon, Russ Wagstaff, Joe Buchman (a Utahn who operates the Independent Political Report)


There was a lunch break from noon-2. 


At 2pm the Emcee, Tom King, began the meeting.

There were 6 people in person and 3 people online (not including POTUS candidates)

The timing was varied due to presidential candidates showing up early and having to adjust their schedules. The convention ended at approximately 3:30pm - well in advance of the 5pm promoted ending. 


Welcome to the GPUT Convention - Emcee, Tom King

  • Land Acknowledgement:

    • We acknowledge that the land that is now called "Utah" is the unceded ancestral land of the Shoshone, Ute, Piute, Diné and Hopi Nations.

  • Introductions 

    • Tom King, Treasurer

    • Russ Wagstaff and Dee Taylor, Co-Chairs

    • Matt Styles, Secretary (absent)

    • Adam Guymon, Delegate to the Green Party of the United States

    • Other participants - in person and on Zoom

      • Lisa Donaldson, Lionel Trepanier (in person)

      • Joseph Anderson (Logan), Brendan Phillips (Stansbury Park)  (Zoom)

  • Review of the convention agenda 

    • Explain how to ask the candidates questions using SLIDO and question cards

2:20-2:30 - Intro to presidential Candidates

  • The three presidential candidates, who are seeking the Presidential Nomination of the Green Party of the United States each appeared virtually on Zoom.

    • Jill Stein was able to provide information about her campaign and platform for about 10 minutes in between events in St. Louis.  There was no opportunity for live questions due to her schedule.

    • Jasmine Sherman followed for 25 minutes with a description of their campaign and platform and then audience questions.  

    • Jorge Zavala was next for 30 minutes with information on his campaign and platform followed by audience questions. 


Description of voting process for presidential candidate

  • Everyone who has registered to vote in the GPUT presidential preference election will receive a ballot by May 1.  Voting will end May 10.

If you haven’t yet registered to vote in the election, please do so as soon as possible. Information can be found on the tables and on the website.


Proposal for apportionment of Delegates (to be decided at convention, per bylaws)

 Each 25% threshold of votes earns 1 delegate.if a candidate does not achieve 25% then the other Delegate would be unassigned or allocated to whomever had the next highest vote count.

Example 1:

Candidate 1=50% of the vote=2 delegates

Candidate 2=25% of the votes=1 delegate

Candidate 3=25% of the vote=1 delegate


Example 2:

Candidate 1=70% of the vote=2 delegates

Candidate 2=25% of the votes=1 delegate

Candidate 3=5% of the vote=0 delegate - unassigned or re-allocated.


👉 VOTE on apportionment proposal (registered Greens - honor code)

Simple majority of registered Greens

Results: 7 people “yes”; 1 person “abstained”


Description of open positions and voting process

  • There are a number of positions to vote for, including 

    • Presidential Electors

    • Party officers

    • Party delegates to the national party

    • Grassroots Coordinators


 Nominations from the floor for positions

Nominations were called from the floor party positions by the emcee. The position descriptions and nomination forms were also posted in the back of the room (and online for the past month).


One nomination from the floor was made:

Lionel Trepanier for Grassroots Coordinator,seconded by Adam Guymon

LIonel Trepanier will appear on the ballot for Grassroots Coordinator.


Description on how to form a Local


Closing and Adjournment


Elections took place April 28-May 9

RESULTS can be viewed at the Elections Results page

and are also posted on the GPUT website


At the May 25, 2024 Monthly Coordinating Council Meeting, members present voted 

unanimously to appoint Matt Styles as the 4th PNC Delegate and Russ Wagstaff as the PNC Alternate Delegate. Notes can be viewed on the GPUT Website.

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