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Coordinating Committee

*=Exective Council

The GPUT Coordinating Council consists of officers (which comprise the Executive Council), National Delegates, and Grassroots Coordinators.

Jessica Bronson:

Acting Treasurer*


Grassroots Coordinator

Adam Guymon: 

Grassroots Coordinator

National Delegate

Brendan Phillips: 

Grassroots Coordinator

National Delegate

Dee Taylor: 

Acting Secretary*

Interim Co-Chair*

Grassroots Coordinator

Phelan Acheson: 
Grassroots Coordinator



April 24th, 2021 or TBD:

The Green Party of Utah is planning on holding elections for the following roles:

  • Treasurer (1)

  • Secretary (1)

  • Co-Chair (2)

  • Grassroots Coordinator (1+)

  • National Delegate (1)

Grassroots Coordinators are an at-large position and the GPUT can have, and elect, several at a time.

Please go *here* to nominate or self-nominate a potential candidate. Be prepared to give your contact info, in addition to that of the potential candidate. The nomination form also requires a brief bio about the potential candidate. 

For a full description of each role and its duties, please navigate to the bylaws, section V (pages 3-8) For brief descriptions, see below:

Officer Qualifications (For Co-Secretary, Co-Treasurer and Alternate Delegate):

  • Must be registered Green 1 year prior to nomination except when GPUT does not have ballot access in which case any official party member at the time may qualify to serve as an officer.

  • The one year restriction shall take effect one year after ballot access has been established.

  • If GPUT does not have official status, officers must be registered to vote and have applied for membership at least 30 days prior to nomination.

Position Descriptions: 

  • Secretaries

    • Are responsible for filing candidate paperwork, keeping accurate meeting minutes, and updating bylaws and procedures, and maintaining the email account. 

  • Treasurers

    • Maintain all party financial records, report all finances at party membership meetings, submit financial records of party operations to state and federal election committees, and distribute and manage funds.

  • Alternate Delegate  

    • Are  Responsible for staying informed of proposals of the GNC. The Alternate will substitute for a delegate in the event the delegate is unable to fulfill their voting duties.

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