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Green Party of Utah
Presidential Candidate Questionnaire

The Green Party of Utah (GPUT) bylaws and affiliation agreement with the Green Party of the United States (GPUS) restrict recognition of POTUS Candidates to members of the Green Party in their state, are actively seeking nomination of the GPUS , and have met the benchmarks for recognition as a GPUS POTUS Candidate, as defined by GPUS Rules & Procedures, Article 10 

Each candidate meeting these requirements were invited by email to complete the required questionnaire for the Green Party of Utah. The combined results of the GPUT and GPUS questionnaires have been posted and are available on each hyperlinked page below, where you can compare the answers of the candidates on each page. Additional follow up questions will be issued either before, during, or after the April 27 nominating convention.

Alternatively, you can view a pdf of each candidate's questionnaire answers individually by clicking their names below:

Jill Stein

Jasmine Sherman

Jorge Zavala

Question 1Core Message: Why did you choose to run for the Green Party Presidential nomination?

​Question 2. Party Building: What role do you see the Presidential Campaign playing in the larger picture of the Green Party of the U.S.?

Question 3. Describe your Key positions and Campaign Themes.

Question 4. Please describe your history of and experiences in activism with the Green Party, allied organizations, or a constituency that is supported by the Ten Key Values.

Question 5. Describe how your campaign platform aligns with the GPUS Platform. If there are any areas where your platform does not align, please elaborate.

Question 6Describe the Campaign plans and goals and how they will be achieved.

Question 7. Strategy or plan to achieve ballot access in every state

Question 8. UNIFYING THE PARTY. The GPUS is a diverse party with chapters in urban, suburban and rural communities. It includes native Americans, immigrants, black Americans, and white Americans of many different economic levels. It includes LGBTQIA+ people, straight people, unemployed people, retired people, professionals, union members, business owners and people from many walks of life. What is the vision by which you could be the nominee who receives support from all the diverse members of the Green Party?

Question 9. Other information (e.g., resume/summary of education, employment, other experiences, offices sought or held, publicly elected offices, public boards or commissions at the local, state, or national level; or specific offices or positions within the Green Party at either the state or local level, if any, or any instances in which you worked in collaboration with Green Party chapters, groups or candidates.)

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