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GPUS Presidential Nominating Convention Candidates

William Galloway

I want to make sure the voice of utahns is heard as this is extremely important.

Adam Guymon

I want to nominate someone who is really deserving to run for president. I know the voting process in this country is not the best and I know that if I am able to put someone into office that will be there for the people and will listen to us this will be a brighter day for everyone and will help us from this dark state that we are in currently and have been for a very long time. We need some new blood, we need some GREEN Blood.

 Brendan Phillips

Somebody has to do it, and I plan on going.

GPUT Utah Presidential Elector Candidates

William Galloway

I feel i can help guide the party to grander victories and focus our efforts in good places.


Adam Guymon

I believe in protecting the rights of PWD People With Disabilities and I believe in selecting the candidate that will represent all people and will take in to consideration how People Planet and Peace will effect all of us.

Brendan Phillips

GPUT Grassroots Coordinator Candidates

Phelan Acheson

I have extensive organizing experience, culminating in my time as a Bernie Victory Captain for the period of 4 months until Bernie suspended his campaign. I realized last year I align with the Greens, and have been in-between the DNC and the Greens solely because Bernie was running. I am now a permanent member of the green party. I believe my activist and organizing experiences make me a great fit to coordinate grassroots agenda items, outreach, and activation.

I have experience with the Debt Collective via "I Am Ai". With them, I did extensive research and minimal coding to create a data cache of AI documents going back 15+ years. This cache was later used by Harvard's Predatory Loan Center to bolster their legal case against Secretary DeVos regarding her treatment of defense to repayment AI students.

I have limited experience organizing with the Sunrise movement, and, at one point, was under serious consideration for their national writer position.

I've also formed a non-profit in utah to lobby for Human Rights for All, in coordination with 6 others, called Community Advocates for Human Rights.

In short, the Green Party is where I ideologically fit, and I have the experience and connections to help organize and build the green party into something even greater than it already is.


I'd love to be a Grassroots Coordinator to have the opportunity to take an organizing-level seat in building the future. This is a prime moment for the Green Party. If we can convince all the lefty independents to join with the Green Party, we'd become more viable than the DNC. I relish the idea of working to make that happen.

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