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10. Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

*=GPUS recognized candidate

Howie Hawkins*

The failure of the Democrats and Republicans to respond properly to the COVID-19 crisis shows once again that they can’t solve even straightforward problems with obvious solutions, let alone complicated problems like persistent racism and poverty, global warming, and nuclear arms.

Trump’s response is negligent homicide. Biden is AWOL except to say it is “too harsh” to say Trump has blood on his hands because of his incompetent and self-serving response. 

I am urging Greens and all people to join in demanding the following measures.

For the public health response:

- Authorize Medicare to immediately start paying for COVID-19 testing and treatment.

- Use the Defense Production Act to immediately enact a federally-guided plan to produce and distribute medical resources—tests, contact tracing, personal protective equipment, hospital beds, ventilators—to where they are needed.

- Enact an improved Medicare for All program so every person can afford the medical care they need.

- Increase funding for CDC, NHS, HHS, NSC, and other agencies that work on global infectious disease and public health programs.

- Socialize the pharmaceutical and medical supply industries as public utilities supplying the healthcare system what it needs at cost for public benefit, particularly the research and development of vaccines, antivirals, and antibiotics that the private pharmaceutical industry has stopped doing.

- Enact a permanent, universal system of paid leave for sickness and family care.

- Convert 75% of the military budget to providing health, human services, and environmental protection at home and abroad.

For the economic response to the coronavirus depression:

- A Crash Program of Testing, Contact Tracing, and Quarantining of the infected and their contacts in order to establish as soon as possible a safe basis for re-opening the economy.

- A Moratorium on Evictions and Foreclosures during the coronavirus economic shutdown.

Dario Hunter*

This campaign will be a challenging one for our party and in many ways for all Americans. There will be a chorus of voices shouting for us to step aside and let the 'lesser of two evils' win. But we know that the massive democratic deficit and this political, psychological tactic of 'lesser of two evils' is part of how we got to this sorry state of failed governance in the first place. We need a candidate, a team with a tough skin and strong voice to carry our message to the American people and speak to those who have been systematically ignored and abused by this profit-focused system.

Our team, one that has lived the experiences and (through our personal advocacy) spoken to the experiences of most Americans, is in the best position to speak truth to power. My running mate, housing activist and former Green Party co-chair, Darlene Elias, and I have the thick skins and loud, principled voices we'll need to cut through all the noise and exclusion and bring a message of democratic renewal, environmental revival and economic equity directly to all Americans.

We're excited by the opportunity to do so and we look forward to partnering with Greens in Utah and all across this countryto ensure justice for the Earth and all its people.

Susan Buchser-Lochocki

Native Americans need some real help, that is what I discovered during my 28 State US Presidential Campaign and US Discovery Tour during February and March 2020. Let’s start with the basic Human Rights to clean water. How can we hold our head high and call ourselves the greatest country in the world? Shame on the US. At some point during my travels, I called my Mom, during the call, I told her I made a visit to the Navajo Nation. She was all excited, “Oh!” she said happily like she was fond of them and hoping for wonderful news, “ are the American Indians.” I said, unsure how to tell her all the sad news I had learned on my visit, “Mom, they are not doing well at all. They don’t even have clean water in some places. That’s how bad it is...and the list goes on. I don’t know how it got so bad, but we(USA) need to change how we treat the Native Americans. This is not OK.” HUMAN RIGHTS matter


CoronaVirus Crisis is creating a very Tranquil USA, and the world, it’s really wonderful to have so much stillness. The hustle and bustle has stopped; we are not creating so much pollution, so the environment is better, the air is better, people are helping each other more so communities are stronger, people also have time to do some leisure activities, or get some fresh air by walking or rollerblading, people are learning to slow down, to relax, to enjoy the small stuff and to find peace. It’s a reset! Let's take this opportunity together, to reprogram our lives for the better. It’s so peaceful. SLOWING DOWN matters

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