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How to get media attention for your cause and how to pitch a story

On January 14, 2017, a group from the Green Party of Utah attended the “Pre-Legislative Bootcamp” hosted by Libertas Utah to gain insight into how to more effectively communicate with Utah's legislators and navigate the processes of law-making and advocacy. Find our notes from the event below.

Note: the Legislative Session starts on January 23rd and ends on March 9th.

Presented by Ben Winslow (Fox 13- @BenWinslow on Twitter) and Matt Canham (Salt Lake Tribune)

  • Contact each media outlet for your organizing events. Persistently inform them about them.

  • TV outlets want visuals, so they want stories that have footage to go with them from protests, events etc.

  • Try a variety of outlets: television, newspaper, radio, city weekly, etc. Clearly state how covering your issue is of importance to a number of people and why.

  • Get involved with high importance issues to draw media attention.

  • Consistently send status updates to media outlets, and provide them with a reliable direct contact with questions.

  • Send stories to or contact the assignment desk directly at 801-536-1313. View on the Salt Lake Tribune for direct contacts.

Takeaways: have a consistent, friendly, smart and professional person for media relations and PR events. Consistently email reminders for events of significance.

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