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The Green Party of Utah Achieves Ballot Access

On September 18, the Green Party of Utah received notification from the Lieutenant Governor’s office that we have met the 2,000 signature threshold to gain ballot access as a political party in Utah. This allows for Green Party candidates to appear on ballots in 2018/2020, and voters will be able to register to vote as Green beginning November 30. We were thrilled to hear this news, and believe this is a step forward for democracy in Utah as we try to offer voters not just more choices, but better choices than those presented by the political duopoly of the Democratic and Republican parties. This represents the better part of a year’s worth of work, and we have had such a great time speaking with so many voters in our state! We first want to loudly and proudly thank everyone who signed our petition for helping give us the opportunity to present a better way forward. We also want to thank the volunteers who tirelessly dedicated the past several months of their lives to this cause. Without their sacrifices, this would not have been possible. We also want to express thanks to the Green Party of the United States and the several other state parties who have been a great source of help and support in our endeavor. We are excited to continue working with our fellow Greens here in Utah and across the country. So far, we have two great candidates who are running for office. Abrian Velarde(State Senate 12) and Adam Davis(CD-1) will be on our ballot line in 2018, and Brendan Phillips(CD-3) will be available as a write-in for the special election later this year. We hope in the coming months to add to our slate of candidates who want to give voice to the working class and help us make government work for the people. Members of the Green Party have been voicing their excitement at gaining official status. Abrian Velarde, a previously mentioned candidate said on Facebook, “It is a unique honor to be part of the birth of the Green party of Utah.” Kimberly Bain, a Salt Lake valley GP member added, “I’m very excited to see the Green Party on the ballot and ready to elevate Utah politics.” As Utah’s newest political party, we want to invite our neighbors to come check out what we have to offer our state’s political process. We can be found in various places on the internet, including Facebook(, Twitter(, and our website( Thanks again to the people of Utah, and we look forward to many more great accomplishments! Green Party of Utah’s Mission: The Green Party of Utah commits to building an inclusive political party through promoting candidates and causes that align with the Green Party's ten key values and the four pillars of social justice, ecology, non-violence, and grassroots democracy.

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