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Convention Day is almost here!

You must be a registered Green in Utah to vote in the upcoming Presidential Preference Election. Find out how to register to vote Green.

Everyone is invited to an action-packed day on April 27 with

the Green Party of Utah

Salt Lake City Public Library,

210 E 400 S

Meeting Room B.

These event is free and open to the public.

Convention Schedule

Presidential Candidates will appear individually via Zoom. The GPUT website has detailed information on how to participate and prepare in advance for this Convention (including virtual participation).


10am-noon: Meet-Up: Learn more about the GPUT through conversation and activities

Noon-2pm: Lunch Break

2:00—Welcome and Introductions

2:20 - Introduction to Presidential Candidates

2:30-Jill Stein

3:10-Jorge Zavala

3:45-Jasmine Sherman

4:20- Proposal for apportionment of Delegates (to be decided at convention, per bylaws)

 VOTE on apportionment proposal (registered Greens - honor code)

4:30-Description of open positions and voting process

4:40-Nominations from the floor for positions

4:50-4:55 Closing Remarks

There are three candidates seeking the Green Party nomination for President of the United States. They will appear virtually at the Green Party of Utah April 27 convention 

Keep reading for information.

Compare the candidates' answers to our questionnaire.


Willing to sign a pledge to not accept corporate (business) or PAC donations

Green Party Member, Massachusetts

Read Jill's answers to our questionnaire.


Willing to sign a pledge to not accept corporate (business) or PAC donations

Registered independent in the state of North Carolina

Green Party Member

Received the Unicorn Party's Presidential Candidate nomination and is currently pursuing the Presidential Candidate nomination from the Peace and Freedom Party.

Actively seeking nominations from several other political parties.

Read Jamine's answers to our questionnaire


Green Party Member, California

Willing to sign a pledge to not accept corporate (business) or PAC


Read Jorge's answers to our questionnaire

Do you have a question for the Presidential Candidates?

Enter your questions on SLIDO here:

Join at

Code #2778 943

Ask a question and see what other questions are being asked (Under "Q&A"). You can also give a thumb up for the questions

you like the best.

Alternatively, you can send your questions to


Voting in the Presidential Preference Election will be held in the days following the convention for registered Greens. Those who are registered for this election will receive a ballot no later than May 1. Voting will end May 10.


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