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Green Party Member Adam Guymon Inspires Activism

Image of a man in a wheelchair holding up two fingers.
Adam Guymon, Green Party of Utah Member

Adam Guymon, Green Party of Utah member, recently spoke out about Salt Lake City's negligence in sidewalk repair, posing dangerous circumstances for the public, especially those with disabilities. KSL News featured Adam in an article, just after a women riding a scooter crashed on a broken sidewalk and died from the inuries she sustained.

Guymon, who navigates the city in his power wheelchair, filed a complaint with the city more than a year and a half ago, along with a picture of the tilted concrete. He called it a “neck breaker” and a “wheelchair breaker,” according to city records KSL obtained through a public information request.

According to the article, hundreds of complaints have been filed regarding damaged sidewalks, including complaints filed by Adam, to no avail.

“It’s really saddening that it took someone to actually have to pass away, you know, someone had to lose a family or friend because of that,” Guymon said.

“I do feel anger at the same time I feel frustration,” said Guymon, 47. “They’re elected to, you know, make sure that the city is running correctly, and that people are safe in their city.”

Adam has been a staunch advocate for disability rights and he founded the Green Party of Utah Disability Caucus, bringing real progress for mobility in the state.

"I believe that we have been given a blessing and we need to be grateful for that blessing. I believe that Public Transit, Health Care, is a Right and not a Privilege.I believe in the [Green Party]10 Key Values and the 4 Pillars and I believe our Rights and our Voice is our Freedom. "


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