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Elections - 2024
Run 2024!

 A Green Party of the US Candidate Community for networking, support, and training.

President of the United States

Candidates seeking the nomination of the Green Party of the United States

The Green Party of Utah (GPUT) bylaws and affiliation agreement with the Green Party of the United States (GPUS) restrict recognition of POTUS Candidates to members of the Green Party in their state, are seeking nomination of the GPUS , and have met the benchmarks for recognition as a GPUS POTUS Candidate, as defined by GPUS Rules & Procedures, Article 10  as well as the requirements per the  GPUT bylaws.

Each candidate meeting these requirements will be invited by email to complete the required questionnaire for the Green Party of Utah, the results of which will be posted to this website.

More information is forthcoming as updates occur.

The individuals listed here are currently seeking the GPUS nomination. Click on their names to visit their websites. Candidates who have met the GPUS benchmarks have been sent the GPUT questionnaire and their responses will be published here.

Three candidates met "recognition" standards as as defined by GPUS Rules & Procedures, Article 10:

Jasmine Sherman

Jill Stein

Jorge Zavala

These candidates are actively seeking the

Green Party nomination for president:  

Robert Cooke IV
Randy Toler

Interested in running for office in Utah?

There are many opportunities to seek public office. While the 2024 deadlines have passed, there is ample time to start planning NOW for 2025 and 2026.

Contact us at if you are interested in running for office.

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