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Why Vote Green?

Frequently Asked Questions
(click here for a pdf version)

Why do Greens only run every 4 years?


We run in every election every year because it is required to keep our national party status and to maintain ballot access.


2020: 210 races

2019: 132 races

2018: 296 races

2017: 196 races

2016: 310 races

2015: 128 races


Candidate database:

Why should I vote third party?


The two major parties are beholden to corporations. We need to fix our broken system not continue supporting it! #MoneyOutOfPolitics

We stand for: 

#M4A #LivingWage #HousingJustice #EqualityForAll #WorkersRights #LGBTQRights #WomensRights #VeteransRights #CitizenshipForAll #Decolonize #DefundWar #GND

But Greens never win...


We've won in at least 1239 races since 1985 and currently have 160 Greens in elected office!

What's your Strategic Plan?

Our goal is to enact policies that prioritize people, planet, and peace. We will empower communities, mobilize for #systemchange, and replace all legislators that refuse to listen.


We will focus on four goals:

 1. Increase membership and diversity. #Outreach

2. Run and elect more candidates. #GreenWarriors 

3. Achieve more positive awareness of the party. #PeoplePlanetPeace

4. More effective issue advocacy and policy development. #Empower

How do I get involved?


Please join your state party 

(Utah contact here)


Or (if you are a member of your state party), get appointed to a national committee

What can I do to build my state party?


  • Organize regular Welcome events: "Help us fix our broken system!" Include our 4 pillars, policies, scheduled events, and volunteer opportunities.


  • Coordinate learning sessions on Zoom. They could cover our policies #GND or electoral reform at city/state level. #RCV


  • Mobilize a statewide ballot initiative #M4A


  • Co-Host events with like minded orgs. #NoMoreWars #HousingJustice 


  • Organize a Mutual-Aid or partner with orgs already helping communities


  • Encourage community & county locals


  • Connect new Greens to a longtime Green


  • Maintain a user friendly state party website with clear volunteer opportunities and a Calendar of Events


  • Share GP social media graphics in non-Green groups and orgs.




"Four Pillars/Ten Key Values"


"Green New Deal"


  • Be seen being Green.


  • Don't forget to review the party's rules and procedures

What is ballot access?


To be on state ballots, third parties must meet a variety of requirements in each state.

One common criteria in 48 of the 50 states is that we must run in statewide races and get a certain percentage (varies by state) to attain and maintain ballot access. If we don't meet the threshold, we must collect a large number of signatures of support in a small window every time we run.


For specific state ballot access requirements, choose your state from the drop down menu:

Who can help me run for office?


The national party has online trainings and document templates available.  We also have a technical assistance group: Greens4Office.






What are the party's requirements to run for president?


To run for national office please know you must meet certain criteria and learn each state's election requirements. You will have to travel, attain voter lists, fundraise, put together a team, submit paperwork to every state party (state deadlines vary state to state), and work on a detailed multi state ballot access plan.


Our Presidential Campaign Support Committee (PCSC) requires you to complete the following:

Where can I learn the history of the Green Party?


Our Founding Conference, August 10 - 12, 1984.


Our founding as a national party, July 28 - 29, 2001


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