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Green Party of Utah Platform

This is our "mini platform".  Our full platform is in process.

  1. Diversity - Diversity is what makes our society great.  However, we find that there are many voices which are painfully absent from our political discourse.   We want to hear the voice of the underrepresented. We believe that we should embrace our diversity, and celebrate our differences.  

  2. Peace and Non-Violence -We  believe in building a society that respects all life and seeks peacefulness in resolving conflicts on every level, from individual to global actions.

  3. Egalitarianism – We love life and all rights afforded to life. Everyone,regardless of gender identity, are entitled to the same protections and rights.  

  4. Accessibility - We love all people, and we seek to end the dehumanization of people with disabilities. We believe that all people should have equal access to work, play and everything in between.  We support accommodations to make the features of modern society accessible to all.

  5. Immigration – We believe in the fundamental rights of all humans. These rights must be extended to immigrants, especially in a country that was founded by immigrants. We call for humane, compassionate immigration reform that values immigrant contributions to our communities. 

  6. Tribal Sovereignty - We recognize the systemic discrimination against the Indigenous people of this land and their sovereign tribal governments. They have a fundamental and organic claim to steward this land. Today, the unique needs and issues of Indigenous peoples are influenced by the past and continue to evolve.  We seek to be allies by supporting Indigenous people in holding our governments, at every level, accountable for the promises and treaties that they have made. 

  7. Ecological Wisdom and Sustainability -  Holy magnificent landscapes, Batman! Utah is a beautiful place to live. Utah has some of the most unique and diverse landscape in the world! We support a proactive approach to ecological stewardship and wisdom.  We recognize that humanity is on an unsustainable course and call on both individuals and state institutions to take swift and decisive action to build a future that protects our planet’s limited resources and seeks to repair  the damage caused by rampant industrialization.

  8. Fair Trade - The Green Party of Utah supports stipulations on all international trade relations to protect labor and human rights, the health of local economies, as well as the environment of partner and recipient nations, so that the growth of local industry and agriculture has the advantage over foreign corporate domination. At the national level, this means amending the US Constitution to remove the commerce clause.

  9. Prison Reform - The Green Party recognizes that “tough-on-crime” prison sentences fall disproportionately on low-income and minority citizens. We advocate saner prison sentences for non-violent crime and a focus on restorative justice rather than retribution. Greens also oppose the increasingly widespread privatization of prisons. The Green Party of Utah favors elimination of the death penalty and mandatory sentencing, including “three strikes” sentencing. It is unjust that a person can go to jail for decades for taking a loaf of bread without paying for it while corporate thievery is merely fined.

  10. Election Reform-Get out and vote!  The Green Party of Utah supports measures voting accessible to incentivize all people to vote. We support full public financing of federal, state and local elections including free and equal media access on public airwaves for candidates.   We support the abolition  of the unethical practice of the electoral college, in favor of the election of the President by popular vote.We are tired  of elections being controlled by money. We call for Election reforms that make our  elections more inclusive, including  how we vote, granting free and equal media access, and full public financing of all federal and state elections.

  11. Corporate Personhood - The Green Party supports prohibitions on corporations from spending to influence elections or any other aspect of our political life, either by constitutional amendment abolishing corporate personhood, or as a condition of receipt of a corporate charter by federal chartering of corporations. The Green Party does not accept any corporate contributions or donations.

  12. Single-Payer Healthcare - single-payer not-for-profit, comprehensive healthcare that medical, dental, mental health, and medications regardless of ability to pay. We believe in healthcare as a human right. 

  13. Energy – The Current U.S. energy policy is poisoning our population, and contributing to the immense damage we are doing to our planet.  Since our society is dependent on electricity, GPUT calls for transformation of our energy grid to draw on renewable sources.  We believe in promoting individual, municipal, and national energy independence that secures our future both economically and ecologically. 

  14. Educational Reform- Education is the cornerstone of societal progress. We must ensure that all children, regardless of socioeconomic status, mental or physical ability receive a quality education that will equip them with the knowledge and skill to solve the next generation of problems. Our schools are currently dangerously underfunded and our teachers are paid wages that do not properlyreflect their actual value to our society.". These trends must be reversed. 

  15. Local Economics- Buy local! The Green Party of Utah advocates for patronizing locally owned and operated businesses. We believe that by keeping wages overhead and profits within our community, our local economy will be strengthened.

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