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Meet the Green Party Presidential Candidates

Welcome to the portal for information on the candidates seeking the

Green Party of the United States nomination for President.

View the information and links provided below to learn more about the candidates.

NOTE: The  POTUS Questionnaire Questions and Answers are organized by question with the answers for each candidate on the same page.

Learn the candidates' positions on issues that impact elders in our society.

After you have met the candidates through this portal, you are invited to ask your questions at the Ask the Candidates a Question page

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About Jill Stein

People. Peace. Planet.

Jasmine Sherman

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About Jasmine Sherman

Let's Reset! People over Profit!



Campaign Website

Questionnaire Answers


  • Willing to sign a pledge to not accept
    corporate (business) or PAC donations

  • Party Membership: Green Party Member since 2001

         Jasmine Sherman is a registered independent in           the state of North  Carolina

  • Jasmine has received the Unicorn Party's Presidential Candidate nomination and is currently pursuing the Presidential Candidate nomination from the Peace and Freedom Party. They are actively seeking nominations from several other political parties.


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