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Invest in Green Women!

Image of sunflowers with an arch that has the words Green Party of Utah and International Women's Day
Invest in Green Women for International Women's Day

International Women’s Day (IWD) inspires a movement that has arisen from the voices of people globally for the rights of women and equality and justice. Women across the planet are demanding accelerated progress as an outcry against sexual harassment, violence, gender gap in wages, and discrimination against women. 


The theme for the 2024 IWD is “Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress”, launching a campaign to take a collective stand and unite to transform challenges into opportunities and shape a better future for all“ (1) 


The Green Party of Utah (GPUT) joins women world-wide this week and beyond in embracing the opportunity to be part of the movement that empowers women in all settings to raise up their voices and take action for women’s rights, and to realize the potential of women, given barriers that stand in the way. To that end the GPUT joins in the call for everyone to make a concentrated effort to act in these five areas:

  • Investing in women, a human rights issue: Gender equality is the greatest human rights challenge, benefiting everyone.

  • Ending poverty: Due to the COVID pandemic and conflicts, 75 million more people have fallen into severe poverty since 2020. Immediate action is crucial to prevent over 342 million women and girls living in poverty by 2030.

  • Implementing gender-responsive financing: Conflicts and rising prices may lead 75% of countries to cut public spending by 2025, negatively impacting women and their essential services.

  • Shifting to a green economy and care society: The current economic system disproportionately affects women. Advocates propose a shift to a green economy and care society to amplify women's voices.

  • Supporting feminist change-makers: Despite leading efforts, feminist organizations receive only 0.13% of official development assistance (1)  

By just living in Utah, we are already at a disadvantage as women. Utah women have unique challenges in that Utah is still the worst state in the country for women’s equality.(2) Utah’s women still lag behind men in wages for equivalent work and continue to be underrepresented in Utah’s politics. Women often do not have an influential voice on issues that directly impact women in Utah, particularly in the areas of health and domestic violence. This is unacceptable!


I want a brighter future for my daughter and granddaughters.


The Green Party’s ten key values align with the call for action of IWD. Feminism And Gender Equity is one of the ten key values.(4)


We have inherited a social system based on male domination of politics and economics. We call for the replacement of the cultural ethics of domination and control with cooperative ways of interacting that respect differences of opinion and gender. Human values such as gender equity, interpersonal responsibility, and honesty must be developed with moral conscience. We recognize that the processes for determining our decisions and actions are just as important as achieving the outcomes we want.


The GPUT calls for the acceleration of progress with the investment in women by taking action now to protect their rights, especially women of color, LGTBQIA+, women with disabilities and women of varying socioeconomic statuses. I encourage Utah women, and women everywhere, to take a stand and speak out in a state where women do not have a powerful voice.  


More education and involvement of women in the political process is needed to influence policies that affect women in all areas. Women are the backbone of human life in Utah. We call for all women in Utah to raise their voices against oppression, violence, and discrimination. We call for all Utah women to become involved in advocacy organizations to learn how to speak up and demand justice.  We call for all Utah women to run for office and develop legislation that will provide the needed political actions to end disparities between women and men.


Join me and the GPUT today in this call for action to invest in Green women and accelerate progress! 

 Dee Taylor, Co-Chair


Get involved! Help to form Green Women Rising that will comprise a diverse group of those who identify as women who will advance Green Party values and by doing so will effectively address the crises we face in our world.


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