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Green Background

2. Party Building: What role do you see the Presidential Campaign playing in the larger picture of the Green Party of the U.S.?

Jill Stein

The candidacy will work to help other nationwide candidates and increase GP membership.

One of the core goals of our campaign will be achieving ballot access in as many states as possible.The campaign’s national Ballot Access plan is led by our ballot access expert and Field Director. Our staff is in the process of training and organizing over 300 volunteers who have already signed up with our campaign to specifically work with us towards gaining ballot access across the country. Where plausible, the campaign is pursuing ballot lines for the Green Party, in others a line for the candidate. We are confident that we will expand the Green Party’s ballot access over 2020. Through engaging with volunteers with our campaign, the National Green Party can embark on a new wave of grassroots activists to continue our efforts in resisting major parties from marginalizing Green voices.

Jasmine Sherman

Jasmine sees the presidential campaign as inspiring others to run for office so we can have a full Green Party ticket in 2024.

The campaign envisions collaborating with the greater Green Party to strengthen the party at different levels. By appealing to younger constituents who may not align with major parties or who abstain from voting, the campaign aims to increase engagement and expand the party's support base. Mutual and direct action efforts would demonstrate the campaign's commitment to progressive values and garner public attention. Leveraging digital campaigning and recruitment strategies would help raise awareness and reach a broader audience. Additionally, the campaign aims to provide resources to educate people and foster more informed voters, thereby strengthening the democratic process and the Green Party's influence.

Jorge Zavala

The presidential campaign is the most critical role for the Green Party, as it represents the party's focal point and purpose. The Green Party's reason for existence is to promote environmental sustainability, social justice, and equal opportunity. A presidential candidate who embodies these values and can articulate a clear vision for a better future is essential to lead the party and inspire the American people. By nominating a candidate who defends and protects the Constitution and champions the principles of democracy, the Green Party can demonstrate its commitment to creating a more just and equitable society. Ultimately, the presidential campaign is an opportunity for the Green Party to showcase its values and policies, and to earn the trust and respect of the American people.

For the Green Party to grow and flourish, it is crucial to prioritize inclusion and accountability measures.

The party needs to actively engage and support its own policies, recognizing and reinforcing its campaign efforts. This unity and drive empower each other and create a solid foundation for legislative creation or reform. Without a united front, the Green Party risks being weak and overshadowed by the Democrats and Republicans. To distinguish ourselves and gain respect, we must take risks and lead by example. We must earn the support of the American citizens and the commonwealth through consistent citizen engagement. When accountability measures are not enforced, it is imperative to remove board members who fail to practice, accommodate, and educate the commonwealth. By embracing these principles, the Green Party can pave the way for growth, and development, and play a pivotal role in shaping the future of our nation.

Question 1Core Message: Why did you choose to run for the Green Party Presidential nomination?

​Question 2. Party Building: What role do you see the Presidential Campaign playing in the larger picture of the Green Party of the U.S.?

Question 3. Describe your Key positions and Campaign Themes.

Question 4. Please describe your history of and experiences in activism with the Green Party, allied organizations, or a constituency that is supported by the Ten Key Values.

Question 5. Describe how your campaign platform aligns with the GPUS Platform. If there are any areas where your platform does not align, please elaborate.

Question 6Describe the Campaign plans and goals and how they will be achieved.

Question 7. Strategy or plan to achieve ballot access in every state

Question 8. UNIFYING THE PARTY. The GPUS is a diverse party with chapters in urban, suburban and rural communities. It includes native Americans, immigrants, black Americans, and white Americans of many different economic levels. It includes LGBTQIA+ people, straight people, unemployed people, retired people, professionals, union members, business owners and people from many walks of life. What is the vision by which you could be the nominee who receives support from all the diverse members of the Green Party?

Question 9. Other information (e.g., resume/summary of education, employment, other experiences, offices sought or held, publicly elected offices, public boards or commissions at the local, state, or national level; or specific offices or positions within the Green Party at either the state or local level, if any, or any instances in which you worked in collaboration with Green Party chapters, groups or candidates.)

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