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4. What are the primary goals of your campaign?

*=GPUS recognized candidate

Howie Hawkins*

My campaign has two basic goals: putting Green solutions into the national debate and building the Green Party.

Green Solutions: I am leading with three programs to address immediate life-or-death issues.

Ecosocialist Green New Deal: To avert climate catastrophe, I have published on my campaign website a program and budget for a full-strength Green New Deal to achieve zero-to-negative greenhouse gas emissions and 100% clean energy by 2030. 

Economic Bill of Rights: Inequality kills. Working-class life expectancy is declining in the US due to economic inequality and despair that has been growing for 45 years. The Economic Bill of Rights provides government guarantees of a living-wage job, an income above poverty, affordable housing, comprehensive health care, lifelong public education, and a secure retirement.

Nuclear Disarmament Initiatives: The new nuclear arms race is an immediate threat to our existence and none of the presidential candidates are talking about it. I am making it a top campaign issue for 2020. I call for a US pledge of No First Use, unilateral nuclear disarmament to a Minimum Credible Deterrent, and, on the basis of those tension-reducing initiatives, mobilizing world public opinion behind urgent negotiations among the world’s nine nuclear powers for mutual and complete nuclear disarmament.

Electing the President by a Ranked-Choice National Popular Vote: I am also answering the invariable accusations by media and Democrats that a Green presidential ticket will “spoil” the election. I say it is the Democrats who are spoiling the election. They won’t get behind the reform that will end the spoiler problem. They won’t support the solution the Greens have been giving them since they started whining about the Greens after Ralph Nader ran in 2000: replacing the Electoral College and the plurality winner system with a ranked-choice national popular vote for president.

Party Building: In order to force Green solutions into the national debate, we need to be on the ballot with credible levels of funding and organization to make a difference. That means building the Green Party in 2020 in the following ways:

Ballot Status in all 50 States and DC: See my answer to the question on this below.

Federal Primary Matching Funds: See my answer to the question on this below.

Organizing: My campaign is encouraging and helping local Greens focus on organizing, not just mobilizing. If the Green Party is going to become a major party and force in American politics, it needs to do more than just mobilize its existing base for issue and election campaigns. We need to broaden our base among the working class, youth, and people of color, the people who participate in public affairs and vote in lower numbers. We are helping Greens learn the practices that union and community organizers use to build and maintain diverse organizations. We are projecting a goal for the Green Party of building the party from the bottom up by electing thousands of Greens to local, state, and then congressional offices as we go into the 2020s.

Dario Hunter*

Platform Goals:


• Ensure a universal basic income, guarantees of employment at a living wage, housing, food and essential utilities for all.


• Reverse climate change and secure clean air, water and soil, through our REAL Green New Deal and the Green Path Forward, transitioning to 100% renewable energy by 2030 as well as tackling plastic pollution, nitrogen and phosphorus pollution, and the climate change impact of 'Big Ag.'


• Provide free college and early childhood education, fighting privatization and protecting community control of public education.


• Provide single payer, publicly-controlled health care for all, increasing healthcare availability in minority communities.

• End environmental and educational racism, empowering disenfranchised communities.

Equality and Human Rights

• Stop the senseless killing of people of color by law enforcement. Demilitarize the police, establish community control and limit use of force.

• End deportations, detentions and family separations.

• Affirm tribal sovereignty.

• End colonialism (e.g. Puerto Rico).


• Transform to a sustainable, eco-socialist economy with green jobs, funding for clean energy and local green businesses.

• Return wealth to workers through employee-owned businesses and cooperatives.


• Provide ranked choice voting, proportional representation and open debates.


• End war and cease its funding, closing over 700 military bases abroad.

• End the war on drugs feeding into mass incarceration.

Organizing Goals:

Our campaign will focus on:

• Achieving ballot access in every state. 

• Aim to get more Greens elected in 2020, pursuing a strategy for party growth beyond the Presidential election.

• Assist party members and candidates in all states to reach out to a diverse electorate, empowering economically disenfranchised and minority voters.

• Attract more Greens to the party by emphasizing our truly revolutionary answers to issues of environmental, racial and social justice as well as by seeking to bring the voices of the oppressed to the forefront of political change.

Susan Buchser-Lochocki

Respect for ALL Women: Its time to end the real First World War the “War on Women!” Why is all “Women’s Work” low paid, volunteer-based, or illegal in our country? Fulltime/Part-time: Wife, Mother, Grandmothers, Caregiver, Prostitute, Nurse, Secretaries, Teachers, Cashiers, Cleaning lady, Housekeeping, Mid-wife, Child-care worker, Birthers, Receptionist/Hostess, Cooks, etc. WOMEN’S WORK matters EQUALITY matters Let’s look at what a Wife does, Cooks, Cleans, Sex Worker, Helper, Cheerleader, Hostess, Caregiver, Therapist, Co-Crisis Partner, Housekeeper, etc. ...and then we get no pension, then there is voyeurism, metal abuse, raped, beaten, or killed for it, too. RESPECT matters A long time ago women were paid for this important role when there was one breadwinner, and the money was enough for the whole household, the Wife was indirectly paid, but paid nonetheless. We all know the secret to success is “Behind every great man, is a great woman”, but...where is my “Wife”? EQUALITY OPPORTUNITY matters Respect for the Family Unit: It is time to end the War on the Family. At what time in one’s life do you need to buy the most “new things”? When you start a family. Currently, in the USA at what time in your life do you have the most debt? When you are young and starting a family. And at what time in your life do you earn the least amount of money? I think you get my point. If we purposefully tried to block our children from having success in life, I don’t think we could come up with a better way. Low pay, high cost to be a family, costly healthcare, student debt, all at the best time to make the next generation? Stop this insanity. FAMILIES matter

To solve both issues above: It's time we saw “Women’s Work” as work, and get paid for it, with healthcare, a pension and benefits vacation time, etc... We need “Mothers Pay” to get a family started right. It will free them up to do their jobs and support each other giving the much-needed care and love to all. I know that some men prefer to stay home and be the “Wife” or “Mother” and that is great, this concept also works for them and for same-sex couples too. Less worry, more love, Prostitution* Professional Sex Therapist its time to make it legal, with healthcare a pension and benefits vacation time, etc. By making this a job, with a Job Title, the job gets more respect, women get more respect and we have less crime. * I think Prostitution with a Professional Therapy Training License, should be made available to men and women as a form of Therapy. I know lots of men who are having stress issues, who turn to sex for help and it works. We are grownups lets stop pretending this is not happening and that sex is not important, because it is. Being a Professional Sex Therapist is a job and it should come with healthcare a pension and benefits vacation time, etc. Also, when we take the stigma away, its a very important “Woman’s Work” a Profession that could help our society to, stop beatings, rape, and killings. We need Prostitution legal, affordable, and safe for everyone involved and it should be listed as a Therapy option. “WOMEN’S WORK” mattershappier citizens. QUALITY OF LIFE matters

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