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9. Why should Green Party of Utah members consider nominating you versus one of the other candidates?

*=GPUS recognized candidate

Howie Hawkins*

I have been working in the trenches building the Green Party since 1984. I did not join recently and soon run for president.

I have experience running large-scale campaigns in New York State. I am scaling this experience up to run a impactful national campaign.

I am running a positive campaign about what I stand for and what my campaign aims to do. I have not been going on social media and to candidate debates saying what is wrong with the other candidates. I have focused on what I am offering.

I am taking the debate to Trump and Biden. I am earning major media coverage: Daily Beast, Economist, NY Post, RT, Washington Times, Washington Post, Yahoo News. I believe my campaign can force Green policy demands into the national debate.

Susan Buchser-Lochocki

Because women live in Utah too. We need to end this “War on Women” we trusted men and look where it got us. Child molestation, rape, beatings, mass shootings, war, drug addiction, stealing, killing, pollution, greed, colonialism, etc. the system is broke. Its time for REAL change… WOMEN matter EQUALITY matters

Dario Hunter*

There are multiple candidates who appeal differently to different portions of the Green electorate. But our success in 2020 requires that we get far more votes than just the current numbers of Green faithful. We're confident that our campaign team has the broadest appeal to the widest range of Americans across this country. That is because our platform understands their struggle in its exceptionally progressive approach.

But it is also because, as two proven activists for education, for housing, for women's rights, for LGBTQIA+ rights, for racial equality and against fracking, both of us coming from little means to raise clear voices against inequality, we (running mate Darlene Elias and I) have the experience and background needed to help inspire and motivate a diverse influx of new Green voters.

And whether it's the Wasatch Front or Youngstown, Ohio, we're both committed to running a campaign that listens to and incorporates the varied struggles of a diverse nation.

Speaking of the Wasatch Front, we understand that Utahns there are beset by the combination of pollution with the unique topographical and weather-related circumstances that make the air there amongst the worst in the country. And when we're talking about tackling Trump's roll back of auto emissions rules in our first 100 days in office, were thinking about Utahns – and all Americans. When we talk about economic inequality, we understand that beyond the reports of Utah's wealth gap being the lowest in the nation, there are pockets of deepening inequality that breezy headlines don't always note – particularly in Salt Lake City. We see you, and we hear you. And we will keeping listening, keep tuning into the struggles of all Americans until we inspire a groundswell of demands for solutions – all across this country.

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