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8. Do you think your campaign will be able to qualify for federal matching funds?

*=GPUS recognized candidates

Howie Hawkins*

My campaign is the only presidential campaign in any party that is seriously seeking to qualify for this program and we believe we will qualify. Qualifying will double all contributions up to a cumulative $250 from individuals, which will be crucial to support our ballot access efforts in particular, which now will involve legal fees in many states.

Susan Buchser-Lochocki

No, I’m trying to prove you don’t need a lot of money to run a campaign, so I’m not really trying for money.

Dario Hunter*

Absolutely. We have demonstrated strength in small donations from Americans all across the country and our donor base continues to grow. But what we also have uniquely as a campaign is a strong message and compelling credentials as a team that can connect uniquely the American public and inspire engagement as well as investment in our movement. We're confident that as Americans continue to connect with our campaign, as they continue to be heard in ways that they have never been heard before, that our wider reach will give us the best chance to reach that common party goal of federal matching funds. 

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